International Forum ATOMEXPO 2010   •   7–9 june 2010





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09 June

Presentation «Atomic Energy — Information — Safety»

«Mathematical modelling of long-term energy sources mix dynamics» (Pdf, 734Kb)

F. Almerico, General Manager of Intelligent Systems S.r.l.


In Russian «Comprehensive chemical and radioactive environmental release analysis in the Russian Federal Subjects (Voronezh Region case study)" (Pdf, 558Kb)

R. Arutyunyan, Deputy Director, IBRAE RAS


In Russian T. Shashina, Ph.D. (med), Leading Researcher, Research Institute of Human Ecology and Environmental Hygiene named after A. N. Sysin of RAS (Pdf, 842Kb)


In Russian M. Savkin, Ph.D. (tech) (Pdf, 253Kb)



Round-table session: «Prospects of International Cooperation in Nuclear Fuel Cycle»

"Sustainable Development of U Production: Time Challenge" (Pdf, 1,7Mb)

A. Boitsov, Deputy Director General, JSC Atomredmetzoloto


«Hyderabad Fabrication of fuel and Zirconium products — NFC Capabilities» (Pdf, 7,1Mb)

P. Jayaraj, Director of Nuclear Fuel Cycle, Department of Atomic Energy of India


«Fuel Company: prospect of international cooperation in the field of NF» (Pdf, 840Kb)

V. Konstantinov, Vice President, JSC TVEL


«Fuel Division SC «Rosatom»-expansion of international cooperation» (Pdf, 630Kb)

V. Korogodin, SC Rosatom


«The use of cooperation experience in bidding documents development» (Pdf, 45Kb)

Ossi Koskivirta, Vice President, Fortum Generation


«Nuclear power expansion in indiak» (Pdf, 5,1Mb)

K. Purohit, Kudankulam NPP


«Mid-term developments in Russian SNFM system» (Pdf, 931Kb)

A. Khaperskaya, Head of Project Office, SC Rosatom


«TENEX-the Global Supplier of Nuclear Fuel Cycle Products and Services to the World Market» (Pdf, 934Kb)

Denis Pilipishin, Deputy Director of Department of Market Analysis TENEX


«International Uranium Enrichment Centre» (Pdf, 796Kb)

G. Efremov, Commercial Director, JSC IUEC



Round-table session «Capabilities and Prospects of Controlled Nuclear Fusion: Solving Nuclear Power Problems»

In Russian "Concept of a stationary thermonuclear neutron source on the basis of a small-size tokamak for nuclear power problems" (Pdf, 842Kb)

P. Khvostenko, Deputy Director of Institute of Tokamak Physics of RRC Kurchatov Institute


in Russian "Russian-Italian project of experimental tokamak IGNITOR" (Pdf, 1Mb)

V. Cherkovets, Director, FSUE SSC RF TRINITI


in Russian "Nuclear power problems: Thermonuclear neutron source solution" (Pdf, 543Kb)

S. Subbotin, RRC Kurchatov Institute


in Russian "European approach to neutron sources for transmutation" (Pdf, 791Kb)

V. Gudowsky, ISTC, Deputy of CEO (European Union)


in Russian "Pulse sources of thermonuclear neutrons in hybrid fusion systems" (Pdf, 1,8Mb)


in Russian "Radiation resistant materials for thermonuclear neutron sources" (Pdf, 1,4Mb)

V. Chernov, JSC VNIINM


in Russian "Alternative concepts of fixed thermonuclear neutron sources" (Pdf, 2,3Mb)

E. Kruglyakov, NPI RAS



Round-table session «Investments in Nuclear Power. Project Management. Financial Guarantees»

in Russian "Organizational and financial models of NPP construction in foreign markets" (Pdf, 707Kb)

T. Ivanov, First Vice President, JSC Atomstroyexport


in Russian "Prospects of participation of external investors in Baltic NPP project" (Pdf, 288Kb)

M. Kozlov, Head of Project Group, JSC INTER RAO UES


in Russian "Financial and operations results of Concern Rosenergoatom" (Pdf, 643Kb)

E. Konkov, Deputy Director General and Director for Economics and Finance, OJSC Concern Rosenergoatom


in Russian "Concerted approaches to investment project management at Fuel Company" (Pdf, 1,6Mb)

A. Nikipelov, First Vice President, JSC TVEL


in Russian "Nuclear machine engineering development projects" (Pdf, 2,1Mb)

V. Kashchenko, Director General, JSC Atomenergomash

in Russian "IAS accountancy: Tool to verify nuclear investment attractiveness" (Pdf, 171Kb)

A. Shvetsov, Partner, KPMG



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