International Forum ATOMEXPO 2010   •   7–9 june 2010





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08 June

Plenary Session I

«Innovative contribution of nuclear industry to economy modernization» (Pdf, 2,1Mb)

Bernard Bigot, Director General, Commissariat for Atomic Energy of France


«Alstom Nuclear Equipment» (Pptx, 772Kb)

Guy Chardon, Senior Vice President, Alstom


«Contribution of nuclear French industry to the development of the national economy» (Pdf, 1,6Mb)

Luc Oursel, Chief Operating Officer, Nuclear Operations, Group AREVA


«Innovation of Nuclear Energy and Contribution to Society» (Ppt, 3,7Mb)

Takuya Hattori, President, Japan Atomic Industrial Forum


«Nuclear prospects geared by innovations» (Pdf, 207Kb)

Tony Ward, Partner, Global Nuclear Power Leader, Ernst & Young



Plenary Session II

«Establishing New Nuclear Power Programs» (Pptx, 3,5Mb)

Jeff Benjamin, Senior Vice President of CH2M HILL


Laurent Stricker, Chairman, World Association of Nuclear Operators (Ppt, 735Kb)


«Toshiba Nuclear Activities» (Ppt, 2,9Mb)

Takahiko Iikura, Technology Executive, Toshiba Power Systems Company


«Nuclear Power — Putting the Costs and Financing in Perspective» (Pdf, 285Kb)

Ron Cameron, Head of Nuclear Power Development Division, OECD/NEA



Symposium «Topical Issues of International Nuclear Law»

«Development of relevant legal regimes for nuclear in new markets» (Pdf, 512Kb)

J. Hues, Managing Partner, Freshfields Bruckhause Deringer LLP


In Russian «Civil liability for nuclear damage: Case of transportable power reactor operations» (Pdf, 969Kb)

A. Molchanov, Head of Underwriting Division, JSC Nuclear Insurance Broker


In Russian «Legal and institutional support of nuclear power based on transportable power reactors. Transportation issues» (Pdf, 597Kb)

Makarov, Head of Laboratory of the Institute of Nuclear Reactors at RRC Kurchatov Institute, International INPRO Project



Joint Plenary:Round-table session «Topical Issues of Nuclear Law and Legislative Support of Nuclear Industry Development» and Symposium «Topical Issues of International Nuclear Law»

«Trends of international nuclear law» (Pdf, 331Kb)

A. Weatherall, Law Expert of Legal Office, IAEA


In Russian «Legislative support of Russia’s nuclear industry development: topical issues» (Pdf, 3,9Mb)

T. Yelfimova. Deputy Director General, SC Rosatom


In Russian «Right of ownership of nuclear materials» (Pdf, 714Kb)

V. Pitel, Head of Nuclear Material Department, SC Rosatom


In Russian «Some aspects of multilateral cooperation in nuclear area with participation of the international organizations» (Pdf, 726Kb)

A. Matveev



Round-table session: «Legislative Support of Russia’s Nuclear Industry Development»

In Russian «Legal support of safety of innovative development of nuclear technologies in the Russian Federation» (Pdf, 2,3Mb)

A. Agapov, Director of Department for Nuclear and Radiation Safety, Organization of Licensing and Approval


In Russian «Enhancement of terminology of legal, regulatory and technical acts in the field of the use of atomic energy» (Pdf, 362Kb)

B. Gordon, Director, FSU SEC NRS (Rostechnadzor)


In Russian «Technology complex of an enterprise as a real estate object» (Pdf, 4,2Mb)

A. Zrodnikov, Scientific Supervisor, SSC RF IPPE named after A.I. Leipunsky; Yu. Rudnev, CATI of SC Rosatom


In Russian «Legal aspects of the state regulation of safety in the uses of atomic energy» (Pdf, 406Kb)

D. Lozovsky, Deputy Head of Department for Property and Social Aspects, NTNU MEPHI


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