International Forum ATOMEXPO 2010   •   7–9 june 2010





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07 June

Round-table session «Human Capital in Nuclear: Challenges and Solutions»

«The Maintenance Training Center of Paks Nuclear Power Plant Ltd as a unique facility of the international co-operation» (Pdf, 1,9Mb)

Dr. L. Varga-Sabjan, Director of Corporate Affairs and Human Resources


«European approaches and initiatives for Nuclear Education & Training and Knowledge Management» (Pdf, 2Mb)

J. Safieh, P. P De Regge and R. Kusumi, European Nuclear Education Network Association


«Introductory address on the strategy and best personnel management practices in SC Rosatom and its organizations» (Pdf, 220Kb)

T. Kozhevnikova, Deputy Director General of SC Rosatom


In Russian «Optimization of organizational structures of production divisions benchmarked to the world best practices» (Pdf, 388Kb)

Ya. Kon, Vice President, JSC TVEL


In Russian «Advancement of competences at enterprises: Training centers " (Pdf, 520Kb)

A. Krupsky, Deputy Director for HR Management, Social and Administrative Issues, OJSC Concern Rosenergoatom


«Nuclear education: Meeting the global challenges» (Pdf, 2,4Mb)

M. Strikhanov, Rector, NRNU MEPHI


«HR development to build up related infrastructure in countries announced nuclear power development» (Pdf, 1,7Mb)

V. Artisyuk, Pro-rector, SEE DPO CATI


Round-table session «Power Generation Equipment and Services. Development of International Cooperation»

«Siemens steam turbine generator sets for advanced nuclear power plants» (Pdf, 1,8Mb)

O. Bernstrauch, Siemens Power Generation (Germany)



Round-table session «Closed Fuel Cycle with Fast Neutron Reactors»

«Closing the Fuel Cycle with Fast Reactors: Indian experience and perspectives» (Pdf, 2,7Mb)

P.R. Vasudeva Rao, Director of Chemistry Group, Indira Ghandi Institute of Atomic Research (Kalpakkam)


«Current state and prospects of fast reactor fuel cycle in Japan» (Pdf, 2Mb)

H. Funasaka, Senior Advisor for Research; K. Ishii, Senior Research Engineer, JAEA



Round-table discussion «Evolutionary and Innovative Development of Pressurized Light-Water Reactors»

In Russian «NPPs with the next generation power light-water reactors» (Pdf, 1,9Mb)

V. Sidorenko, Advisor to Director; U. Semchenkov, Deputy Director for Science and Technology, RRC Kurchatov Institute


In Russian «Evolutionary and innovative development of water-water reactors» (Pdf, 2,3Mb)

S. Ryzhov, Director and Chief Designer, JSC OKB Gidropress


In Russian «Vessel-type boiling water reactors» (Pdf, 641Kb)

V. Pivovarov, FSUE SSC IPPE


In Russian «Optimizing the VVER plants performance in short term and IT-supported» (Pdf, 1Mb)

I. Kopytov, First Deputy Director General and Director for Facility Design, JSC Atomenergoproekt

In Russian «Secondary circuit optimizing for VVER plants» (Pdf, 734Kb)

A. Avdeev, Director General, OJSC VNIIAM


In Russian «Information technologies to optimize plant desig» (Pdf, 5,1Mb)

A. Kroshilin, Deputy Director General, JSC VNIIAES


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